Other Party Services

Aside from great food selections,

Other factors contribute to the success of an event. Some of them include decorations, themes, and party supplies. To make sure you won’t miss out on any of these, it’s best to hire professional caterers like DR Catering in Union, NJ.

Event Planning

The success of any party lies in the planning stage. That’s why we’re here to organize your ideas and make them come to life. We can guide you in picking a theme, menu, and recreational activities for your event. With us, you can guarantee a stunning celebration for any occasion.

Theme Parties

Your special day can be anything that you desire. Whether you want to have traditional celebrations or parties with specific themes, we’re the right people for the job.

Tent Rentals

Anything can happen under the sun. To make sure guests are protected from varying weather conditions, it’s best to have tents for your outdoor events. You can choose from our portables, canopies, and decorative wedding tents.

DJs, Bands, and Other Performers

Great music and performances set the mood of every party. Whether you want your guests to dance or sing the night away, we can help you. Our company offers affordable entertainment options for our clients. We can hire DJs or live bands who can play your favorite tunes for you.

Catering Services for Film and TV Shoots

It’s inevitable to spend long hours on set, especially if you’re filming a series of scenes. That’s why it’s essential to have food for your staff to keep them energized during these situations.

We offer catering services for film and TV productions. Our experienced chefs have carefully crafted different menu options to cater to various dietary requirements and allergies. With us, you’re sure that your staff will always be served with fresh and delicious meals during their lunch or dinner breaks.

Catering Services for Golf Events

Golf is more than just a sport. It has become a social gathering where people can connect with friends or potential business partners. So if you’re planning to host a golf outing, we’re here to provide meals that will satisfy the palate of every attendee.

Catering Services for Funerals

Holding a funeral for your departed loved one isn’t an easy task. However, you shouldn’t shoulder the responsibilities alone. Our team is more than willing to help you in this time of grief. We can prepare hearty meals that won’t only satisfy everyone’s appetite but also provide comfort during this difficult time.